Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Happy Birthday Willard and Riley

Hey guys! Guess what I got for my birthday? A horsepad! Mom was always so cheap, never buying me anything I really wanted (she only bought me what I needed). But here in heaven, I get anything I want, so suck it Riles! There are carrots galore, mounds of never ending Willie Muffins, and even better than frosted mini blades...I can have powder sugar coated grass if I want, bet you didn't know thats what clouds were really made of. I even got the world's largest Squeezy Bun with a carrot candle. I'm still gettin' the hang of this whole horsepad thing, but I got this fun new thing called twitter, I'll be able to inform everyone about the constant happenings of Team Riley(@TeamRileyEvent) since I have this great view to watch over everyone. I really miss everyone, you guys were the best! And mom, you'll find a new pony, but of course he/she won't be as good as me, I was the best ;). You know I loved you, I gave my heart every time, sorry about those fits I used to have though, you know I didn't like working hard. I had to be the annoying son with Riles not around. Tell dead beat dad he won't have to worry about forgetting treats anymore, all I have to do is think about any flavor of Willie Muffin and it will fall from the sky. I am a little sad that he won't get to ride me in those sweet purple shoes he got, I wish I had two pairs of those, I'd be stylin' trottin around in those things. Oh oh, and thank God I don't have to worry about going back to the track anymore, I think I've finally kicked the habit of bobbing my head in the corner. I mean, I still get the urge when I'm rockin out to Bassnectar, but thats different, at least I'm not prancing around to Ke$ha like Riles does when you guys around lookin. And to all the ponies, especially the actual pony out in the back field, keep the parties going. It looks like you'll had a blast after the Cats won. I tell you what, me and Secretariat were going nuts! I'll be writing in from time to time, and don't forget to follow Team Riley on twitter! I love and miss you guys.


oh and I almost forgot Happy Birthday Riley! eat a carrot for me!

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