Monday, September 24, 2012

Willard Plans a Jump Start Party

Wow, I'm soooo proud of Mom, Riley and Cole, its hard to even put into words! First, Riley and Maggie bring home 6th place (John's favorite color ribbon...Green). Second, even though Cole got the crazies left over from me, he did great out at the Horse Park schooling. Last, Cole went even further and brought home his first two ribbons for Team Riley!

Its been a hoof biter up here watching over the Team, but what can I say? I'm extremely happy. Riley and Mom pulled together at Kentucky Classique. I'm so proud of Maggie, she had been soooo stressed before hand, but I knew she could do it. And I'm so happy that Riles was the one to help her make it, I wouldn't have put that on any other horse in my eyes. I knew he would get her through it, and I was very glad to see her out on the cross country coarse again. I know it was stressful for her, but she needed it, I always had a blast running XC but it was also blast watching her ride XC. Thats why we keep Riley around though. When the going gets tough, he's right there to take care of everything.

I got a little nervous though seeing Mom on Cole that weekend. He had no idea what he got himself into. At least we know when the time comes he can piaffe, lets just see if he can do it on command.
It looked like Cole redeemed himself though and it looks like he's going to love running cross country too. I'm trying to send him some of my vibes, but I'm still trying to figure out how to send the good ones, not so much the crazy ones. Just look at the two, already bringing home two ribbons! Looks like I did a good job at teaching Maggie how to rein in a wild and crazy beast.

Of course I have to say how impressed I was with John, going cross country schooling for the first time. Finally starting to get the hang of cantering. I'm a little sad though that he never got to take me schooling. I'm happy he got to jump me once or twice, but it would've been fun taking him over some logs, mom probably would have been nervous about, but I would have taken care of John.

Last but not least I'll be cheering on Riles and Maggie this weekend at Jump Start. My baby brother is growing on up, going Training! I get to watch all the shows I want on my new big screen. Lets just hope that belly of his doesn't get him stuck over any jumps. It'd be hilarious to see, but I want mom to make it all the way around. Maybe I'll get John to head out there early in the morning and grease the jumps so he'll slide right over. All my new friends are coming over to cheer on all our friends from the barn. We've got the fridge filled, the bar stocked and an endless supply of carrots and squeezy buns to munch on.

Keep up the good work Team Riley! I'm always watching!


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