Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Well, since mom and John are being such slackers lately, guess I'll write a little bit. First I'd like to start by complimenting everyone on their Halloween costumes. If you all didn't see the latest Horsin' 'Round; Riley was a unicorn with an awesome rainbow horn and rainbow tail, Cole was Harry Trotter, I'm amazed the wand was still intact considering how much he chews things, and I was a Pirate. I really liked John's Lawn Jockey costume, he may have looked like a jockey, but I know he would have had a hard time riding my gallop. I was really sad to see that Maggie didn't get to dress up though (she had a 15 page paper due for law school the next day) she always makes the best costumes.

Horsin' 'Round Halloween Edition


John as a Lawn Jockey

I tried to go haunt Riley and Cole that night, but they wouldn't let me. They said I had to wait until next year. I guess since they had just moved into their new barn mom didn't want them to get scared of the place right away. I just wanted to hear Riley's girly neigh once. Oh well, at least I got tons of carrots and Willie Muffins trick or treatin', no razor blade apples though, I hear you have to watch out for those.

Lately I've been envying Riles. Since he has never had to work his butt off in the winter like I did, he hasn't gotten clipped yet. He gets to roll in the mud all he wants, good lord he's always a mess. I'll have to get John to snap a picture of him soon. If you didn't know it yet, John has taken up a new job with Team Riley, (with the help of me of course) he's the new head of social media too. If you didn't know yet we now have a facebook: Team Riley Eventing, and a twitter: @TeamRileyEvent. I do most of the tweeting, I still don't understand why its a "tweet". I think it should be a "neigh" but they never asked my opinion.

Looks like the holidays are coming up fast! Lucky for me they don't start playing Christmas music up here until December. Why would anyone want to pass up Thanksgiving, all the carrots and veggies you can eat. I know Riley will be pigging out, probably going paddock to paddock looking for leftovers. It's a shame Maggie can't decorate Riley's and Cole's stalls anymore. She did a great job for the Fourth of July and I loved the pumpkins. I really would have enjoyed seeing Cole trying to eat a string of hand turkeys for Thanksgiving.

Well I'm off to go eat the last of my Halloween treats. I have to go on starvation diet tomorrow so I can pig out on Thanksgiving. I still have to keep my figure to impress the ladies up here.


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