Sunday, June 16, 2013

Deadbeat Dad

First off, seeing as it's Father's Day, I've got to mention what an amazing dad I have, who is most definitely NOT a deadbeat! I'm very lucky to have such an awesome dad who has my best interest in heart and supports me no matter what. He may give me crap sometimes, but I'd have to say I deserve it, especially for all the crap I give him back. I'm so lucky that he loves the horses as much as I do and I've got to admit that I love our long spring road trips to horse shows. Not only is he an amazing dad, but he's also an amazing horse show dad and groom, keeping his cool, cheering me on, and occasionally frantically biking the 15 minutes back to the barn to get my forgotten Flair strip or yellow watch 10 minutes before my ride time (and somehow making it back with time to spare!). This spring he's told me at at least one or two of the shows how much he and my mom enjoy coming and enjoy the horses and I've got to say it always makes me want to cry that I have such awesome parents who love me so much and love the horses as much as I do. So a huge, happy Father's Day to my awesome dad (and the head of Team Riley's transportation), John!

It may of been about 10 degrees and snowing like crazy, but he was still at Lakeside to help Riley win 3 blue ribbons!

One of my favorite pictures of us- Riley looks sooo thrilled!

So now that I've said that, I've got to switch my focus to the big announcement I mentioned in the last post, the subject of which is Deadbeat Dad. John occasionally brings the boys treats, but when he fails to pick up carrots, peppermints, or Willie Muffins for a couple of weekends in a row, I call him a deadbeat dad for never supporting "the kids". While he's obviously not really their dad (we all know Eye Z Fine and Cliff's Edge have those titles), as of last weekend, he is one step closer since he proposed to me! He of course got my parents' blessing, but also had to get Riles'- which he did with a big bag of peppermints. He brought the peppermints out to the barn and was feeding some to Riley when I walked up and asked him for one to give to Riley. Instead of a peppermint, though, he gave me a ring inside a peppermint wrapper. I was completely caught off guard as I had NO idea he was planning on popping the question any time soon. He's such an amazing boyfriend and "dad" to the boys that I'd of course be stupid to say no- so my only option was to say yes! I'm so lucky to be engaged to my soul mate and am so, so excited, if not a little overwhelmed, for the year ahead before our wedding and after that the rest of our lives.

John and Riley, two of my favorite boys!

John with Cole, my other favorite boy

Getting ready to have some horse fun without the boys at the KY Derby

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