Monday, February 20, 2012

A Day in the Life of Will

It's a little foggy over the Elkorn this morning, kind of spooky if you aren't used to it, especially if you can hear the zombie cows on the other side of the creek. Today will probably be like any other day, hang out in my stall all day waiting to see if Maggie comes out to ride me...I really hope she doesn't. All she does is make me work, usually that fancy footwork stuff. Doesn't she know I just wanna jump? I try to piss her off every time we do this dressage stuff (I think that's what its called, at least thats what I've overheard). She never gets the hint. Guess I'll just sit and munch on my frosted mini blades until they come get me. Julie is usually the one to bring us up, unless it's a weekend, thats when I get nervous, if Maggie shows up early, I'm headed to a show or the track, I hope they never take me back to the track, I have nightmares about that place. The gates, the crowd, th...oh look, Julie, breakfast time! 

I wonder what they'll be playing in the barn, usually country, I always hope one day they'll throw in a little Bassnectar or Pretty Lights, that'll never happen, I only get to hear that at shows, possibly one of the only good parts about shows, that and treats, especially when John is there, I get double! Riley always wanted to listen to Ke$ha, what girly pony, kinda miss him though, him and the dumb face and giraffe neck. Maybe I'll just nap part of the day see who comes in and out, just sit and wait...wait to see if she shows up.

Yes, dinner time already and no sign of Maggie, maybe I have the day off, just maybe.

Slop slop slop, why's this taste so good when I dunk it in water, slop slop munch munch.

Done! can I go out yet?
Can I go out?
Is it my turn?
Me next!
Where's everyone going?

Oh no.....oh no oh no oh no, they left me up, guess I don't get the day off.

Now I get to wait up here all alone.

There she is, maybe it'll be an easy day, maybe a hack, if not that, hopefully jumpin', please of please not that dancing stuff.

Ok, good just a nice little walk around the farm.

That wasn't too bad, I enjoyed that. Now I finally get to go out, and yes there's carrots involved! The best part about getting kicked out late, at least I get some goodnight carrots.

Goodnight Mom!

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