Friday, March 16, 2012

Pursuit of Gre8tness

Dear Big Blue Nation,
I don't know about all you guys, but boy are all of us thoroughbreds pumped up about March Madness! I don't know if Maggie knows this but we've got a satellite dish and giant 55 inch TV out here in the run in shed. All the horses in the other fields are pretty jealous. We'll be cheering on the Cats every night they're playing. We're also cheering on the Racers too, even though their mascot gives me the shivers (brings back memories of the track). But listening to my Cats last night on the radio; the stupid dish wasn't working because of the storm, was exciting. We got a little sloppy out here in the rain...and cause of the cooler of beer Ransom snuck in. Which reminds me, if John is in town tonight, we ran out of beer and we need some more, and could you grab me a bottle of that new Town Branch Bourbon, its more my style. We can't wait for Saturdays game, I can't wait to get done at Snowbird in the morning so I can go ahead and start tailgating, I wonder if mom will let me go out early. We'll have our big pile of hay out here if anyone wants to stop by and grab a bite to eat. Murray Plays at 5:15 so that's when the fun really begins. We're looking forward to the Cats game at 7:45, the main event on Saturday, and mom better let me where my UK saddle pad. GO CATS! We're in the Pursuit of Gre8tness!

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