Thursday, March 8, 2012

Will Wants an iPad

Dear Faithful Fans,

Today I was perusing the internet in my stall when I came across a new iPad for horses! I think I need one- it's hard to update my blog by typing on my regular Apple, and all the other horses always want to eat it. This way I can keep up with Riley, too. I kind of miss his stupid face.

In other news, my mom has really been throwing me for a loop lately. I was really excited when I got to go out with all of my friends right after dinner last night, but she showed up and tried to catch me about an hour or two later. All I know is that when mom shows up at weird times, it means a horse show. I was really worried, so I let her know. It turns out all we did was a little bit of dressage and a big walk around the farm, but I swear it was a narrow miss.

Then this morning she did it AGAIN. I just knew I was going to a horse show! Why else would she wake up early enough to come see me before her morning class?? It turns out all I had to do was lunge, but that was almost as bad. Going in circles is boring, even if we do it in the grass field. I almost can't wait until my back feels better so I can stop doing all this circle crap.

Thinking of that, apparently mom came out early because one of my favorite people, Dr. Martha, was coming to visit. I love it when she comes to see me! She poked and prodded me in a few places that really hurt, but I know she always makes everything feel better after I tell her what hurts. Then she turned me into an equine pin cushion by sticking needles all over my body. The ones on my shoulders and back were ok, but the ones on my withers really hurt! And she didn't want to listen when I tried to shake them out- she kept sticking them back in. After standing with the needles in for a little while she took them all out and things felt a little better. Did I mention that I've missed seeing Dr. Martha?

Afterwards my mom was talking to Dr. Martha about what else to do for me. I overheard her mentioning Pam's name- I really hope I get to see her too! I always feel so much better after she adjusts my back. It's hard being the work horse for Team Riley, but there are definitely some perks to being a part of the team.

That's all for now guys- maybe I'll update more if someone gets me the iPad for horses!!

- Will

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