Sunday, July 22, 2012

Half Ass School is Back in Session

It's been awhile since I've had a lesson at the Half Ass School of riding, but this weekend we're picking it back up. Once Riley came back to town it looked like I was finally going to get back to my slow and steady pace of learning all there is to know about riding. I mean come on, I've been Rolex bound for a long time now, but no one ever believes me. In two years I've learned the basics of walking, and halfway learned the basics of trotting. The most cantering I'd done was on Ransom (the star Pony at Heronwood), and he has a big canter. I've trotted over a few cross rails on Ransom, Will and Charlie, even a few on Tig, but that was a failed effort since I'd been off for awhile and I was still very used to Will. It is kind of funny how everyone I rode I just couldn't get used too. My fit was always the best thoroughbred around, Will, or the all-star pony Ransom. There was a little bit of a height difference there, but I didn't care. They both put up with a lot of me not knowing really what I'm doing. Maggie has even dubbed me the Professional of Beginner Breaking a Horse (or pony).

That got a little long winded.

So, Riley came back to town. He was lame, but I was excited because my original mount was back and I hadn't ridden in a long time. We were already talking about getting the Half Ass School going again with plans to get me cantering and jumping so I could get a ribbon on Riles too. I got a pink one on Willard, but I need one on both boys. The Cole joined Team Riley, now Maggie and I both had someone to ride and it could be back to the old days of hacking around the farm, Maggie teaching me a little while she worked with Cole too (or Riles and me standing off to the side making fun of them working until it was our turn). But wouldn't you know it, Riley loves to play the lame game, and was already teaching Cole how to play too. There was one weekend where I attempted to canter on Riley, it was a little successful until I learned that even though on my two feet I have great balance, I don't necessarily have the best balance on a horse.

Which brings me to this weekend.

The Half Ass School is back in session, and with a little help from Horse Nation and One K.

Riley thought he was entitled to wear my new helmet too
since he had to suffer through being painted like the
American Flag.

Yesterday wasn't so much of a lesson day as it was a photo shoot so we could show Horse Nation and One K how much Riles loved our Patriotic Helmet prize. Because of the photo shoot I could actually see how bad my form was while trotting, I my feet were too far forward, my elbows weren't bent enough, and as Maggie would put it, I had "puppy dog hands". Of course when we showed up to the barn, everyone else had the same idea too. Maggie and I started to take the long way up to the arena, but I decided to part ways and take a long hack first. With Riley needing to only work in the arena and multiple people riding, I like to stay out of the way since I still don't ride as well as most, I would just feel like I was constantly in the way and get a little rattled. Riles and I had our nice little hack down by the creek and then worked our way back up to the arena to get a little workout in. Tubby McTubberson still needs to do a little work. It's partially my fault because I always give the boys a little too many treats while I'm around. To think, I'm called the dead beat dad.
Everyone point and laugh at John's horrible form

Riles and I sporting my new America Helmet

 My noble steed looks like he really enjoyed
our photo shoot. Little does he know that
I've made him famous in my comic

Everyone was nice and let me have my own little area, which was nice because I could also work on posting on the right lead too. Oh, and I forgot to mention, I used my new whip that Dawn so generously decorated in glittery glory and Mandy I know how you feel about it, just wait until I get you one for Christmas.

All in all it was a successful learning weekend and very nice to start riding one of the boys again (I still miss you Willard. You made me not have to work hard). Riley doesn't know it, but he has a lot in store for him in the future, we're headed to Rolex! lol, I hope everyone knows I'm full of crap when I say that. So maybe instead we'll strive for the 2016 Olympics.


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